Margo Nelissen Jewellery



2012 A breast or two    

In honor of all breast cancer survivors and those who lost the fight, 40 Curaçao artists have each created a work of art based on the poem "A breast or two" by Nicole Grimmelt , a breast cancer surviver herself. Sales Exhibition in Mon Art Gallery, Curaçao, for the oncology center, Curaçao.
Personal interpretation:
When disease strikes it is suddenly apparent how vulnerable all life is. Fortunately illness, great sadness and deep distress are often followed by new insights and enormous strength, showing us humans how resilient we really are.
In nature the same process takes place. Winter is always followed by spring. Young shoots, fresh green leaves and delicate colorful flowers show us that after cold dark times nature has come back to life.

beelden pianoconcert
2012 Dugudugu, be mine

In anticipation of Valentine's Day, the theme of this exhibition in Landhuis Bloemhof Curaçao, is "Dugudugu (Sweetheart) be mine".
The necklace is designed as a means of seduction. Alluring fragrances coming from the pendant open up the heart of the wearer of this jewel to love. The form of the pendant is inspired by pods from the jungle.

beelden pianoconcert
2009 Jewellery inspires to a piano concert

Margo Nelissen and concert pianist Irina Parfenova collaborated to stage this special concert at Pianoservices. They studied the parallels between music and jewellery, in terms of themes, structures and represented emotions. The result is a piano concert accompanied by enlarged images of the details of these jewels. In that way, music from Mozart's Rondo is in accord with crystal jewels; jewels inspired by undulating water are combined with Tchaikovsky's Barcarolle; and rings, whose theme is seduction, blend with passionate music by Liszt. Narrator Cisca Boermans contributed to the display of archaic jewels with an atmospheric story about the Knight Arthur.

beelden pianoconcert
2009 New Year's Concert    

Viola player Susanne van Els invited Margo Nelissen
to shape part of the traditional New Year's Concert in Theater Lampegiet in Veenendaal. They selected 5 pieces of jewellery which form the centre-piece of a whirlwind of music, images and jewellery. Margo provides visual projections of the inspirations and associations that led to the design of the jewellery. Susanne plays, amongst others, Telemann, Ysaÿe and Hindemith.

Susanne van Els
2006 De verleiding (seduction)    

Three designers united their forces and created new work based on the topic 'seduction'. Anoushka Houtsmuller (hats), Lia Luijendijk (textile) en Margo Nelissen (jewellery) presented their associations with this theme specifically for the exhibition in the Woerden Stadsmuseum. Different aspects of seduction are depicted. The seduction of wealth and precious materials, the seduction of the mysterious, and the only júst invisible. And last but not least fatal seduction, inspired by Sirens and mythological women.


2006 Babylon

Babylon, city with an ancient intriguing culture, that stimulates the imagination. Known from biblical stories about the tower of Babel and Babylonian confusion of tongues, temples, palaces and the hanging gardens of Babylon. Source of inspiration for the Amerongen art route of this year.  

2006 Doordromen (dream on)

As a follow up of kunstdromen (see below) the artists put their dreams in a box with fixed dimensions. Just like dreams don't care a bit about the limitations of the skull, the prescribed proportions cannot deprive the artist of his freedom. "An impression of the pieces made for kunstdromen are captured in a box. But the volatile character of dreams is retained; elusive and changeable."  
2004/5 Kunstdromen (dreams of art)    

An i nitiative of 10 artists from the Veenendaal area. Each artist created an exceptional series of work by cooperating and experimenting based on the topic of ‘dreams’. These collections are shown in a touring exhibition. “Dreams are transient. They only leave a vague impression. The moment you try to focus, the dream yields or it changes. Are things what they seem?  The most fantastic dream is the dream that I determine myself. I leave the safe path of working in gold and silver and submerge myself in rubber." The result is a remarkable collection of jewels. Some arose from the interaction with poems by Leopold Holtus.

2004 Warchild    

Exhibition and auction for the benefit of Warchild. Initiative of Kunstcentrum Zaanstad, on the occasion of their 30-year anniversary. The piece of art had to be 30x30 cm. “I chose a positive approach to this theme. In a ‘woolly’ box lies a sweet flower garland as an ode to a care-free and innocent childhood. The necklace is mostly made of scoubidou wires. Tying scoubidou wires is a popular pastime for kids in large parts of Europe at the moment. To me this pastime is also associated with the playfulness of childhood.

1999 save the last dance for me    

Initiative of Art & Casey, Rotterdam. Twelve exhibitors each designed a piece of jewellery each month in 1999: What you would like someone to wear at his or her last dance in the old millennium. “My necklace expresses time passing and an explosion of firework at the turn of the millennium. What is less visible is that there is a little package hidden in the necklace. Like in an amulet, I expressed in written words my secret positive wish for the new millennium for the owner.

1996 Art in case    

Initiative of Art & Casey, Rotterdam. The assignment for this jewellery-manifestation was to make a jewellery piece in a box with fixed measurements. The jewellery had to be visible even with the box closed. “My fascination for an African statue representing an antelope was the inspiration for this collier. At the front the shape of its horns is used upside down. The form is hammered from a copper bar. The same form is repeated in the fastener at the back.”