Margo Nelissen Jewellery


Working view

“Creations must be pleasant to wear. Because most of my jewellery is see-through, the skin of the wearer is an important factor too. My jewellery comes to life through being worn!"


During her career Margo Nelissen has designed several collections. The first jewels are the result of a research of possibilities to apply ancient textile techniques in metal wire. These applications proved to be diverse. She constructs golden earrings from miniscule weaving- and knitting work to robust yet airy iron and copper necklaces. Tourmalijn halssieraad

Over the years Margo has started experimenting with new techniques to create possibilities to allow for her new forms of expression. She has created cast collections, collections consisting of natural material and for example a collection in which glass splinters are used. She finds inspiration for the design of her jewels in her fascination for historic and African motives and symbolism, and in the diversity of nature.

gietring zeeegel

      Characteristic for all her work is the refinement and detail, even in the robust big pieces.      


Margo Nelissen also designs by commission. This is a fascinating interplay between the client and her, which leads to exciting new jewels. She designs wedding rings, a personal piece of art or a symbolic jewel. By studying your wishes and personal associations, she is able to create a unique personal piece of jewellery: to give or to receive.